Behold, I do a new thing.

It is beautiful,

it is reachable.

Do not go left or right,

but straight ahead.

I am already there.



Why are American women considered promiscuous? Surely, men around the world can see that not all American women are.

We are more alike than the media portrays us to be.

Why do I have to pick out what I'm wearing so far in advance as to not have my husband's family stare at me for the holidays?

What gives men the right to stare at women in any way they wish? Why do the parts of our body that belong to us have to be kept concealed? Aren't we allowed to feel good about ourselves in any manner we wish?

Do I have to be a bitch to bring it to your attention when you try to do it? Then I will.

And while I'm on a roll... I am tired of trying to meet everyone else's expectations of who and what I am. I know I am a child of God, special and uniquely made for a purpose specific for me and me alone.

So enough of what a stay-at-home mother is supposed to do and be. I will do exactly what God has called me to be.

Feel free to send me a message about your complaints if you like. We could all use a bit of venting this holiday season!



 You sin and follow their gods,

on your own.



No, it is the enemy.

He is not the king of men.

We know that it is the LORD

who reigns.

You're being tested,

learn from it and move on. 


Overindulgent Sinner

Now that is pretty ridiculous considering it's just a big bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I wish I was actually conducting the crude things the enemy is trying to accuse me of in order to justify the guilt I'm feeling.

Why is this? I remember when I was serving in the military in Korea for one year and the rumors were that I was having sexual relations with just about every man I was friends with. It was actually quite disgusting the things women have to tolerate in order to serve next to them if not in charge of some.

The point is there is a seed of guilt every time we walk out in our new raiment. We are children of God and deserve to be treated with honor and dignity, nothing short will satisfy.

Don't let the enemy be your friend and pray for your enemy. Right? So conflicting and yet this is the world we live in. We too are full of contradictions.


Deep Rooted Pain

You must pull it out completely

to expose the serpent.

Don’t let it return.


What to Do

Their strength is to sit still.  Isaiah 30:7


You Can Try

When sin comes knocking on your door pulling you back to where you started… you got this… repent and move on.



You must not follow their gods,

search for the pyramids

and send them to the lake

of burning fire.

While you’re there,

take out the foxes

and the shadows.


Good Works

Not when someone is watching, but most importantly when they are not. It’s integrity for yourself, for your own conscience. 

It will save your soul.