Making it Plain

Plain as day
is your resistance to light.

You sway with the wicked,
you cling to the dirt.

Resist the devil with all of your might
and be free from your bonds.


Stop the Lies

We have all been fooled to believe that the president of the United States was sent by God, but this is a lie.

There are those that feed us all with lies. They relish with delight with us all in chaos; pure confusion.

But I am here to say that God has promised to get rid of him and all his clan. We will see a better tomorrow.


Not Perfect

I may strive to be good.
I may strive to be kind.
I may even strive to be loving.

But do not misunderstand me.
I am far from perfect.
I am flawed beyond belief.

We all are.



 They will pull and tear at you,
they will lead you to dismay.

All the lies that have ever
told you that you are not enough.

That you are too old, too young.

The lies that wake you up at night
taking all the light away.

Do not go there.

You were made for more.
Your story is what made you
more than you will ever know.