Prayer to God

LORD, please give us your mercy. 
Pour your spirit on us all. 
Only you can see us white as snow.

We believe that you cry with us.
We believe you see our pain.
We believe you see our loneliness.

Please take the crimson away.
Please make us whole again.




I can believe that I am nobody and that I am nowhere,
however I do know that I am a child of God.

Thus, I must be someone special and
exactly where I am supposed to be.


No More

I am disappointed in those in my life who don't want the best for me.

It's really challenging when you have Christians in your life who are family who hold the standard with the Old Testament, the Law.  It's unbelievable that they can believe in Jesus and his resurrection but not seek that same transformation in their loved ones.

Do they actually want to see the same curses passed down from generation to generation on their own grandchildren?  I just can't.

In the name of Jesus may all the curses that the enemy is trying to place in our hearts be broken!



Swaying in the wind waiting for You

to show me where to go,

what to do.

Please, come and give me direction.

I'm ready to be on a candlestick for You.