You crushed me

with your weight,

with your hate.

You made me do things

I would have never.

You made me promises

to stop but could not resist.

Water (2)



I've come out of the worst of the repressed memories, although I still can't sleep well.

I have complications with some minor health concerns, but at the root of it I'm just scared of having nightmares. I still wake up screaming at times.

This is a real concern with PTSD; no matter how you shake it. It affects us all. I had someone at a church pray for me asking God to get rid of them. I never even attempted to ask God.

God, can you please help us all stop having nightmares?



 We've been through a lot.

So much pain and disappointment.

One thing is true.

We love God with all of our hearts.

We can do this.

Let's go!




 You defile the sanctity of the cross,

you use it to wile your power

to those that are perceived at powerless.

You worketh abominations

with every step and action.

The wave of goodness will win

and you will be pushed

to the end of the earth