Why are American women considered promiscuous? Surely, men around the world can see that not all American women are.

We are more alike than the media portrays us to be.

Why do I have to pick out what I'm wearing so far in advance as to not have my husband's family stare at me for the holidays?

What gives men the right to stare at women in any way they wish? Why do the parts of our body that belong to us have to be kept concealed? Aren't we allowed to feel good about ourselves in any manner we wish?

Do I have to be a bitch to bring it to your attention when you try to do it? Then I will.

And while I'm on a roll... I am tired of trying to meet everyone else's expectations of who and what I am. I know I am a child of God, special and uniquely made for a purpose specific for me and me alone.

So enough of what a stay-at-home mother is supposed to do and be. I will do exactly what God has called me to be.

Feel free to send me a message about your complaints if you like. We could all use a bit of venting this holiday season!

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