Strange Dream

I just can't shake it. I recall the end of my dream like it was a movie but yet so real.

I'm in this alternate universe where someone really bad has blown up the Department of Defense which is not exactly accurate but it happened anyway.

Then he is continuing to pursue a crowd of people of which I am present and we all fall on the floor for cover so we don't get shot. I must of pushed some people in front of me because I am left on the ground where he can reach me.

I struggle with him and get his pistol. But in the struggle I get shot about three times. I finally get a hold of the gun with this stinging in my belly. I can actually feel it. I get the gun and shoot him in the heart two times. It is so shocking.

Next, I'm speaking to a group of people about the incident. We are all talking about it. We have all been killed by this person, and there are a lot of us.

We are in heaven. He is not.


Cry for Help

I am distraught. Even the changing of the leaves can't cheer me up and this is my favorite time of the year.

I can't get a single sympathetic look from a person. This journey has been so hard.

God, please show your light on those around me. I can't do this alone.


I'm Scared

I'm scared of someone saying, "no."
I'm scared that I can never measure up to anyone's standards.

I'm scared I'll fail at making God proud of me.

This is a big fat lie, right? I mean he loves each and every one of us exactly the way we are... imperfect. He loves me just the way I am.


Spiritual Abuse

I share this post with a heavy heart. I am still in the midst of forgiving my spiritual abusers.  I am flabbergasted that I have become prey to this pervasive problem in the church today.

I know that I have endured all kinds of abuse as a child and this is probably why this is hurting me so. Also, since I have relied on a real and sincere relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for so long now I can't even understand how someone would have the absurdity to control that very same relationship.

I am livid.

So, I apologize on behalf of the church out there that are making a bad name for us believers. I wouldn't want anything different in my life; my only true and real thing is that God loves me. This is a very personal relationship for me. One that is so dear for me that I am willing to forgo everything in my life to maintain it.

Does this sound strange? I don't know how to explain it in words. My only reliance in getting better is that I have sound judgment from God. I can search the bible and find that my needs are important. All of them.

So this recent set back has really got me halting in my tracks. As a result, I have lost my spiritual confidence. But only momentarily. I haven't lost my real relationship. I can still read the bible, praise and worship, and rest assured this is meant for something good as well.

I don't know what else to say. I want to let anyone reading this that I have an open door; if you have suffered from this kind of abuse based on any reason I am here to communicate about it if you feel open to it. Please use the message button and I will get an e-mail. Then when I can, I will respond with whatever you may need.

Let me help you become confident in your own relationship with God. Never let anyone tell you how or what that should look like.

I pray that you have the confidence to grow in your own relationship in the freedom of your own house just like I do.


This Moment

I am forging ahead sleepless and still

resolved to see this thing through.

I am bruised and disheveled;

I am in pain and lost.


Truth for the Ages

When our lives start to unravel,
don't delay Holy Spirit.

Pour your mercy and grace,
because we cannot walk out alone.

We don't dare wait for
a different calling.

You have already called
a peculiar nation to follow You.

Your Spirit


Wrongful Guilt

Tell me what I did to deserve it.
I was only nine years old.

I did nothing wrong.


Letter to You

Rachael, if you can hear me. I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you. I had decided on my own that I wasn’t good enough to have you. I had decided you deserved better than me.

I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there to tell you and explain to you how I really didn’t know what to do at all. I just thought at the time it had to be the best decision for me to have any kind of future.  I’m sorry I saw so narrowly.



How do you find your daughter in heaven?

Can you seek her on the playground after school?

Can you find her at that abortion clinic where she was taken?

Can you lose the pain for a moment?