We are called to be separate from the world,

in it’s silky smooth speech,

in it’s image of Egypt,

and in it’s attitude toward Christianity.

We are called to be pure

even at the sake of losing the world.

Nothing fills your soul

like the love of Christ.

Do not bend or stray,

for you are called to do mighty things.


Brotherly Love

One of the most challenging aspects of this season is the pain I see in others, usually pointed right at me.

It can take on the worst kind of words imaginable directed right at you. It takes you by surprise and the only thing you can do is to be dumbfounded and completely silent.

We know from experience it is their own pain, but it digs deep with relentless claws right at your biggest weakness.

Very cunning but such a lie.

Don’t be fooled into believing it to be true. It is the enemy they are believing and we know too well how susceptible we all can be.

It is truly one of the hardest things to do, but forgiveness is the answer. When you can ask God to bless them then you have succeeded. It will in turn bless you.



We were there for each other at our lowest.

We saw each other’s pain.

I mourn your sisterhood.



Celebrate you belong to the LORD,

for each obstacle that stands

in your way today is gone.


Emotional Toxins

We are emptied daily of our self pity.

We are emptied daily of our self righteousness.

We are pushed to our limits, and yet abound.

We owe you everything, Lord.

Without you we would be lost forever.