War Cry

 I don't think you know who you are messing with.

I am seem docile, even humble.

But what you don't know is that
God has made me a warrior.

You can say whatever you want
however mean you think you are
will not touch me.

You have to answer to God.


Triangles or Rectangles

 You seem to be an isosceles triangle
but really are an obtuse rectangle.

You can't seem to fit in with
right angles,
too rigid in your ways.

Back off and be alone.
We do not need your judgement.


Too Elevated

When your perspective
becomes skewed,
find someone to talk
sense back into you.

It's not that life has
lost it's meaning,
but not every thing
is meaningful.

I pray that you
gain discernment
in your enlightened walk.


Made It

On the other side of the storm now.

My health was so debilitating at times; more than I thought I could get through.

Now on to active recovery mode.

Hope you are getting healed as well.



Wayward and broken,
not wandering,
just following Your will.


Letter to Steve

By the power of Jesus, you no longer have power over me.

I was free born.

You may have used my relationship with God to manipulate me into your web of lies; but, I see you for what you are. So does God.

You cannot deceive God.

You may not be in jail for what you did; but, be aware you will sit in the judgment seat.

You are guilty!


No More Tyranny

We are free to be
who we are called to be,
not what anyone else thinks.

Let all your chains come off.
Let us fly like eagles.

He made our calling before we were born.