What happens when Gods doesn’t fulfill your desires the way you want? Do you go ahead and try to achieve it anyway? Let me give you some advice from my own personal discovery; don’t rely on man or yourself more than God. If he cares for the sparrows and all their needs, he cares about all of yours as well. So, sit back and push somewhere else in your life, maybe something that you’ve been putting off.


Our Dreams

What happens when we follow other’s

dreams for ourselves?

Do we get lost in the abyss?

I’m living proof that we all individually

deserve our own dream.

Whatever it is.



I miss you so much.

It actually aches inside where you are.

I will never let you go.


On the Wrong Side of the Road

I grew up on food stamps mainly because my mother had a drug habit
since my brother was born.

I went to public school in Sarasota, Florida where I don’t believe 
anyone ever noticed. If they did, they didn’t ask questions. We were 
absent a lot and tardy as well. No one seemed to care.

Why would a smart white girl have a bad household? One with addiction and lots of love.

Someday we will see everyone as our equal.


Dear Gentle Reader

Where do I start? Firstly, my little sister died on March 22. She was an addict and in the most severe mental anguish I've ever encountered on this journey. I know she is no longer suffering and in heaven.

But, now I am in Florida to say goodbye to her with with remainder of my family staying with my mother. Yes, she too is an addict. I have yet to encounter what that actually looks like until this trip. Now that I too am an adult I can see with my eyes wide open, and she is caught still in her sickness.

I pray that she will not fall into the abyss where my sister and her daughter went before her death. She needs God's overwhelming strength to get through this. Unfortunately, my sister died in this very room in which I am writing this to you down the hall from my mother. My mother was the last person in this world that my dear sister saw.

This is so traumatic for my mother that I am quietly and patiently waiting for her to show some glimmer of hope. May God grant this prayer for me.

Always enduring and praising your name, amen.



Ultimately we all want to end up in heaven.

For some of us, it’s a road of endless trials.

Whichever place we end up is inevitably up to each of us.

May you choose the right one. 



May the Lord bless you and keep you.