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2 Corinthians 5:14

  "The power of Christ compels you," from The Exorcist  is what I think of with the verse, "The love of Christ constraineth us," 2 Cor 5:14. Let me dissect this verse a bit. The word constraineth is from the Greek word synecho consisting of the two root words, syn and echo. Syn means with and echo means to hold. I instantly get a visualization of holding Jesus' hand. Let's continue with the definition of echo. To have (hold) possession of the mind (refer to alarm, agitating emotions, etc.) This is exactly the kind of armour we all could use in today's age of constant temptation of the mind and our emotions. Have you ever been around someone over and over again who continues to trigger your emotional brain. Before you are fully aware, you are rowing your boat back to the feet of Jesus regretting your recent misadventure. Given, it was only your imagination. But to whose glory? When you have been raised around dysfunction and never really taught how to est

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