Promised Land

It is not a place, 

it is a state of mind.

It is where you are.

Do not be fooled by your flock.

They hear the words from God,

but do not follow through.

They will know that He

send His prophet.



I am a lot sicker than I can comprehend right now. It is in my blood stream resulting in sores with puss on my skin. It is not my iniquity, although I have enough. It is not someone else’s. It is simply God’s way of humbling me and making me rely on him.

It is a struggle to continue in great hope. It is small. But my faith is persistent; thank-you, LORD.


Love of Saints

Having the mission of Elijah is not my doing; I’m only obedient to God. I would not have chosen to be united in faith with so many lovely saints to only get deeply wounded and feel a great mourning.

I would go back in a heart beat if God had not strictly told me to flee and never return.



When a person is sick, it is not their fault.

The sin is not theirs.

There is always some wrongdoing

that can be linked to their past.


Your Calling

When you are feeling sensitive,
you are open to being filled with God’s love.

Nothing is standing in the way.


Church 1

I’m on a mission to find a new church.

I visited my first recently. It was warm and welcoming, however something was amiss. Why were the lead pastors not involved with the food ministry? Why was the outreach pastor so empty?

Their food ministry was pure and so worthy of praise. The church’s service was thought evoking and moving. However, the teaching pastor directed her pain at the congregation.

The music was the choice of the lead musician that did not allow the Holy Spirit to reach up into the rafters. The congregation was desiring a shift within them and it was quietly delivered even in the lacking environment.

Some of the sins of the church were on display in their members, but God was not mocked. They too were being healed.

No leadership and no board of elders to make the decisions on behalf of the congregation.

They love you Lord; make it their only desire.


Hard Truth

I had already helped raise my two little sisters. Now, I had a baby brother to raise.

My mother just wanted me quiet, so they sent me to live with some family friends. I spent the entire summer there.

I cannot recall all that happened, nor do I really want to. But knowing he was a pedophile is all I need to know.

His mark on me changed me and I don’t know how to undo it.