Wounded by your choices.
Never looking to the good but always evil.
I can no longer tolerate your insolence.


Afraid of the Worst

We live in a world with so many things seemingly bad.
But who has decided they are bad?

We judge each other without knowing any details.
We believe that everyone has something wrong with them.

But I have decided to fight against this current.
I will make a choice every time I speak to someone to seek the good in them.

I am making a choice to see the good in our humanity,
our willingness to help those that are helpless,
and our willingness to come together for the better good.

It only starts with one person, you.



The corruption is intertwined with Your glory.



Please take this away from me -
far, far, far away.
I am done being used by the enemy
to further his purpose.
May your will be done, Lord.


False Witnesses

You don't see how the Lord numbers your steps;
how he sees you taking his name in vain.
The dominoes will all crumble and fall.

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