Do no begrudge the knowledge

of those in charge of us.

Do they not seek the good

of all of us collectively?

Do not resist the wave

of all who do good for all.



Though we lie many down to rest,

be assured we will see them again

in heaven.

We all go to the place above

with the ones we love

when Christ returns.

Rest your minds and spirit

in knowing they have entered

the ultimate prize of

eternal rest.


Bearers of Shame

We do not hold

the authority or power

to endure the suffering

that Christ did

for all of us.

No More Shame




Slavery can take on many forms. Here in the United States we have managed to keep our African Americans chained in all kinds of ways.

For me it has been in my head. I have been chained up as a slave to the enemy for my entire life. PTSD is one of the most challenging diseases to overcome. But I am free and finally seeing clearly.

Please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you too can be free from your chains. Know that we all have a difficult journey we are on.