Overindulgent Sinner

Now that is pretty ridiculous considering it's just a big bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I wish I was actually conducting the crude things the enemy is trying to accuse me of in order to justify the guilt I'm feeling.

Why is this? I remember when I was serving in the military in Korea for one year and the rumors were that I was having sexual relations with just about every man I was friends with. It was actually quite disgusting the things women have to tolerate in order to serve next to them if not in charge of some.

The point is there is a seed of guilt every time we walk out in our new raiment. We are children of God and deserve to be treated with honor and dignity, nothing short will satisfy.

Don't let the enemy be your friend and pray for your enemy. Right? So conflicting and yet this is the world we live in. We too are full of contradictions.