Strange Dream

I just can't shake it. I recall the end of my dream like it was a movie but yet so real.

I'm in this alternate universe where someone really bad has blown up the Department of Defense which is not exactly accurate but it happened anyway.

Then he is continuing to pursue a crowd of people of which I am present and we all fall on the floor for cover so we don't get shot. I must of pushed some people in front of me because I am left on the ground where he can reach me.

I struggle with him and get his pistol. But in the struggle I get shot about three times. I finally get a hold of the gun with this stinging in my belly. I can actually feel it. I get the gun and shoot him in the heart two times. It is so shocking.

Next, I'm speaking to a group of people about the incident. We are all talking about it. We have all been killed by this person, and there are a lot of us.

We are in heaven. He is not.

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