Understanding Marijuana for Healing

I've come to the realization that I've been exposed to marijuana my entire life, off and on.

My mother has PTSD as well from sexual trauma as a child. She has always used it. She did it around us kids and now I can see that it helped me process my own trauma.

I think this is really remarkable when we consider that our world believes that marijuana could be harmful.  I do think the ways we get it nowadays can be a little bit too off balance with the amount of THC you can get. But, for the most part it is really a medicine that needs to be looked at differently.

I personally battle the THC line because I'm on the other side of my trauma. I've uncovered all my repressed memories with the help of THC. But now that I'm come through it, I know my brain still needs the CBD part of marijuana.

There is still healing that needs to take place.

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