I've always been athletic; it's a significant part of my healing that I depend on. Sometimes when I get sick, I have to rest up. But ultimately, I turn back to it for physical and emotional healing.

When I was in high school I started running on cross-country and track even though my family could not afford running sneakers for me. One of the coaches got me a great pair.

My first year on cross-country, we ended up at regionals. I ran the 800 meter and won. I never even placed. This was a big deal for me and on top of it I beat our best female runner who was a senior. Unbelievable. But, I had to pay a price for the success.

Soon after the race, my back was in so much pain that I had to be carried onto the bus and then home.

Is this what will happen to me if I follow my dream? Something painful that takes me completely out of the arena?

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