Flipping It

I was abused by a married couple. They planned on raping me for some time. They set fear so deep inside of me that when the even occurred, I immediately buried it deep down inside never to see the light of day again.

At least that is what had happened until two years ago. The wife was a nurse and she was good at keeping me quiet. The day after the incident she alone was with me. I had no choice but to bury my secret.

But now I can see that it was a bit of a gift in disguise. The truth could only come out in a loving and supportive environment. This is where I am.

So I choose to confront my past with the viewpoint of hope for the future. Why? Because God would not have allowed that to happen to me if it wasn't going to be used to help someone else.

I hope to spread some love to all of us who need it the most.