I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called,"Life Overtakes Me." It was so cathartic for me as I have been recovering from PTSD in the last couple of years.

It is mainly about families that have fled from their countries of origin because of some violence. In the documentary, the families have relocated to Sweden.

The families are seeking asylum and await status on whether they can stay. Many of the families are told they can't, and almost immediately one of the children goes into a kind of coma. It is called Resignation Syndrome. I am utterly amazed.

Right when the family is going back to their country of origin, one of the family members breaks down. This happened in the concentration camps during World War II. It is happening with refugees in Australia.

This is quite remarkable for me to witness. I never recovered from my trauma for almost 30 years. But to be under so much stress and afraid to face that trauma again, a person can actually break down and essentially die.

Fortunately, Sweden is stepping up and helping all these families. The children do recover. The families do stay in Sweden.

It is just unbelievable what our human bodies do in the face of real trauma.  I pray that I never lose my sense of compassion for any individual who has ever lived through any kind of trauma.

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