I'm left with this in my mind from my bible study before going to sleep.  I do have some spectacular dreams again. Sorry, if I sound like I'm bragging. I am so humbly grateful to have such awesome dreams, really.

I am a female bad ass in Beijing one evening. I am consoling a lesbian friend last night.  Strange, but powerful. I really feel as though I am helping others in their own dreams. I am guiding others in theirs to go toward the light and away from the darkness.

But the last one I had was one in which I am in a trance. I am watching a group of young women singing and a young man helps me from behind while I fall into a trance. The adult in me would compare it to be drugged. I can barely walk. I am my nine-year old self though. The same age in which I am raped.

I am healed from the young man who is with me. I am shaking and crying and feel all the weight gone. I am giddy and moving into other rooms when finally the young man flies away with me.

I would love to think it could have been Jesus, right?  But, my son said he had the same dream in which he was himself, the young man. Crazy! I love it!