When I had a mental breakdown a few years ago, I fully believed I was a lesbian. I believed this lie from the enemy for a year of my life. It took a serious toll on my marriage; I thank God every day my husband didn't believe the lie as well.

But what can I share with you from this? That it is absolutely alright to be bullied by the enemy. This happens to everyone. But why?

I have had a love hate relationship with my mother as far as I can remember. Did she give me everything I needed growing up? Absolutely not! So there is the why.

See where your iniquity can be traced to your past and see if you can identify the loss or missing space in your heart that God can only fix.

Please know you are not the only one. There are many of us who whole heartily follow God who understand how the enemy can attack you in the most believing way.  Don't put weight on this lie... please, don't.

(With tears) Please God, help all those cast in the darkness walk into your light with Your infinite grace and mercy.

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