Look I get it... when someone does something mean to you, you want to do the same back. Right?

I know it's so challenging. Believe me I fully understand. But, we are supposed to turn the other cheek. Meaning let them slap the other side of your face if they want. Harsh, right?

Look, you have the biggest possible fighter in your court... God. I mean it. He see everything. He sees the secrets of our enemies. He knows exactly what their true intention is.

So, we are called to be nice no matter what? No, but you can look the other way from the person who means you harm. Do not spend your emotional and otherwise energy on them. They will suck you dry of all the light you are preciously carrying for others to see.

If they want to be on the side of the enemy, in the dark... let them be. Pray for them because you love them but let them go. God will fight the fight for you.

Do NOT bear the shame of their wrong doing. They are not worth your being imprisoned any longer.

You are free!! It's time to hold your head up high and be who you are meant to be!

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