Letting Go

I have to keep letting people go. I can't honestly say this has not been easy. Each person has been dear to me; I've honestly cared so much about them.

I know right now in this exact moment that it's been God's love pouring out of me to them. They have needed to see God's love; honestly, we all need it... right?

So, when a person just continually dismisses your kindness in their life and keeps walking in their own dysfunction, it's time to let them go. It's so hard.

I am sad and disappointed. I know we all fall short; that is God's way. But, oh how you want them to rise up and get over their own shame and pain.

I've had my own walk of shame and pain to see it in others, and maybe this is a gift of mine now. There are things that God has us go through that are meant for His good... we all do.

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