Painful Sting

I found out we have a wasp nest in one of our bushes. How did I find this out. The hard way....

I was minding my own business trimming the bushes with a hedge trimmer and sure enough... yikes, I feel this immense stinging pain in my arm and sure enough it's a bee on my arm. At least that's my first thought. I look down and it's stinging me... I scream a bit and get it off me. I grab my stuff and run indoors smacking my arm because it hurts so bad.

There is no stinger... so, it's not a bee. And the smacking is to stop the venom from stretching further. Wow, what we find ourselves doing in the heat of the moment. When nothing else is there but our sheer will to survive.

It is all nature at that point. There is no other option. Just your need to survive.

What did you have to endure that you simply had to survive through?

If it truly was survival, there can be no shame with it. Let me be as brutally honest as I can. Whomever did whatever awful thing to you is the wrong doer. It is not your fault. It is not your fault.

It is not your fault. Take a deep breath and release the pain.

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